July Infusions – First look

Happy Friday Everyone!! This is such a fun way to experiment with all your liquors! Summer is such a beautiful time of year – especially for fresh fruit! – which is mainly what we used for these infusions! We love to play around and make up new and enjoyable cocktails to have at the weekend. Especially now that summer is upon us in full force & New York City heat is the kind of heat that requires an ice cold beverage in each hand…so, go on, try out one or all of these infusions this weekend to inspire your next summer drink! 

We will be posting a cocktail recipe or two for each infusion that we make – so be sure to check back frequently to see what we’re coming up with! – Or follow along on Instagram (button above will take you there!) @ivgreenhouse! 




Okay so lets start at the top! 

Please remember to drink responsibly & always keep these infusions refrigerated once infused & strained! Thank you!





This one has to be the easiest and quickest of them all! – place 2 tbsp of earl grey tea leaves in a 12 oz. container and fill with your chosen gin. Infuse for 2 hours in a cool dark place. Strain the tea leaves out and put your infused gin back in the jar! 

Tip – try and choose a less flavorful gin, certain gins have too much of their own specific flavor and won’t take on the tea as well. 






This one is a little trickier, just because you have to remember to shake it every two days! 

Fill your chosen infusing jar with slices of mango to the top and pour over your tequila (We used 4 mangoes & a 16 oz. container) place in a cool dark place for 7 days, then lightly roast a habanero pepper, either in a pan or with a torch and place it in the jar for one more day. Remove the pepper the following day and strain your tequila back into the jar or into a fresh one! 





Another super simple one, cube watermelon and fill to the top of chosen jar (this time we used 1/6 watermelon and a 12 oz. jar) – fill the jar with vodka and store in a  cool dark place and let it infuse for one week! Strain and store in the fridge





Fill a jar with pitted dark cherries and fill with vodka – let this infuse in a cool dark place for one week!

Strain & enjoy!





This one takes a little longer 

quarter 2 apricots & 1.5 peaches and place in your chosen jar and fill to the top with vodka.

let this infuse for 14 days in a  cool dark place. Strain and Enjoy!





This one is another super fast one! Place cubed watermelon and 1.3 bushel of cilantro (coriander) into a 16 oz. jar, fill with Tequila and place in a cool dark place for 6 hours! Strain it and enjoy for a super refreshing drink!





Cut half a pineapple into chunks and fill your chosen container to the top! Cover with Tequila and let it infuse in a cool dark place for 14 days. Strain, keep refrigerated and enjoy!





We can’t wait to try this one – Fill chosen container with pitted cherries – we used 4 cups of cherries & 16 oz. bourbon. Let this infuse in a  cool dark place for one week! Strain & enjoy! 

Tip – keep a few cherries to garnish your drinks for an extra bourbon kick!!


We have also started to infuse a delicious coconut rum, a strawberry mint vodka & a horseradish vodka that we’re super excited to experiment with! Photos and recipes coming soon!


July 14, 2016



  1. Chlo

    July 15, 2016

    These look amaaazing, such cool pics! Loved the Earl Grey gin and want to try pineapple tequila next!

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