Healthy Coconut Lime Ice Cream

So, I haven’t posted an Ice Cream Sundae post in two weeks!! I am shocked, but time has been running away with me recently! – To make up for it – here is a Healthy Ice Cream recipe that you can indulge in mid-week! This recipe is one of those that you look at and you think….no, there has to be more to this recipe to create this delicious ice cream….but you are not mistaken, it really is this easy (& healthy). It uses coconut milk, limes & avocados – to make it even better, you won’t be able to resist the glorious green color! Let me know what you think!!

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Healthy Coconut Lime Ice Cream
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Prep Time
30 min
Total Time
30 min
Prep Time
30 min
Total Time
30 min
  1. One can of coconut milk
  2. One large ripe avocado (or two smaller ones)
  3. Zest of one lime
  4. Juice of Five limes
  5. 0.5 cup maple syrup
  6. 0.25 cup water
  1. Put all ingredients in a food processor and pulse a few times, then blend on high for 1-2 minutes
  2. Be sure to check your mixture and scrape the sides in between mixes if necessary
  3. I added about 0.25 cup water to the mixture to thin it out after the initial blend too.
  4. Then pour this mixture into an easy to pour jug - start your ice cream maker (I use kitchenaid) and pour your mixture into the ice cream maker
  5. Let the ice cream maker ripen your ice cream for approximately 22 minutes - checking throughout.
  6. Once it has a semi-solid texture pour into a freezer safe container.
  7. You can eat it as it stands now or you can freeze and eat whenever!
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May 31, 2016
June 6, 2016


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  1. Chlo

    June 4, 2016

    This looks like the best dessert I have ever seen! Can’t wait to try it…can I request one every day for our NY trip please!!! Amazing, love your creativity!

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