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This is our virtual kitchen/bar/home and we can’t wait to share some of our favorite things with you, starting with Food & Drink!

To us Dinner = Family…

…that may sound strange to some people, but this is what brings our families together. It seems that in almost every culture, country & part of the world it is the essence of any home. Meal times are when families share their stories, hopes for one another & love! We were both very lucky to grow up in homes with wonderful food & wonderful meal times, memories we will both have for a lifetime. What’s even better, is that we both now have two homes & two families to share our experiences with, families that cross oceans to visit one another and families that still put a massive emphasis on food and meal times.

So a little bit about us, we are a husband and wife hospitality management team – We think it’s pretty special to be able to work & live together! Its almost as if karma came back around for us for our three years of long distance from England (Naomi) – New York (Allen), its as if the world wanted to make up for that & we are grateful! We have both worked in various hospitality establishments and event spaces and we LOVE to work around food and beverage 24/7! To us it is constant inspiration to create new things, be that food, drink or experiences for people.

We hope you enjoy our posts and that if you feel inspired, you’ll let us know!

A & N Green x

IVgreenhouse Family


About Us

We are Allen & Naomi, a husband & wife hospitality management team with so much love for family, food & photography! Explore our website & let us know your thoughts.
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